Repaired pressure gauge leak on filter - restarting pump


May 30, 2019
Southwest Virginia
Hi all,

I have a 25k gal IG pool with vinyl liner. Pentair whisperflo 1hp pump. Sand filter. Hayward salt cell chlorinator. Aqua rite sensor.

I noticed my pressure gauge on the top of the sand filter had a slight air leak. Stopped the pump. Took it off and replaced the Teflon tape. I could hear that the air leak stopped when I screwed it back in.

Now I want to restart the pump and just want to make sure before I do it there isn’t anything else I need to do other than add some water to the pump strainer basket to prime the pump. I ask because obviously the filter lost a lot of air while the pressure gauge was off. I don’t want to break anything!

Thanks for any advice for this reluctant pool owner :)



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Aug 15, 2019
North NJ
As long as the pump primes you are just fine. I would leave the air vent on the filter (assuming you have one) open until a steady stream of water comes out then close it.
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