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Jul 15, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
I really enjoy this forum, thank you very much for your answers.
I bought a house with an old inground pool not used in the last years. The liner had tears everywhere, mud and so on in it. We clean it, the metal walls look ok. We renovated the whole house, unfortunately the budget for the pool is really small. So we decided to repair it by ourselves.
Both my husband and I are handy, my father is a structural engineer and we did concrete work before.
I want to refinish the base and walls. The pool is 12*24. I will be using only sand and cement. From all the articles and books that I've read I need to pour a layer 2" thick. The proportion is about 3 tons of sand to 7 bags (94lbs) of cement, so basically it is 1:10 cement:sand. Is this correct? The quantity of cement seems low to me, and I am concerned about this.
I live in Toronto, Canada, unfortunately I could't find vermiculite.I would love to add a layer on top of cement/ vermiculite.
Is this correct?Do you know by any chance any dealer that sells vermiculite to public?


Toronto, ON, Canada
12*24 inground


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Jun 12, 2009
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it seems like everyone has their own ratios of mix. there are pools with sand bottoms and solid concrete. so the ratios will vary, you could always add more cement to your mix it wont hurt anything but your wallet :)
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