Repair or Replace Sand Filter

Jul 3, 2007
South Carolina
I need some advice. I just opened my Hayward sand filter to clean it out and found the center pipe of the lateral assembly busted. I am not sure how but I guess that does not matter at this point.

What I need advice on is should I repair the sand filter, that is over 14 years old, or should I look for a replacement.



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May 27, 2008
North Carolina
We replaced our pump and filter this year. We did both on line for about $600.

Last year we had our pump repaired to the tune of $200+. In other words, we probably should had replaced it last year.

I suggest really looking around. I know we got the pump on e-bay cheaper than from the online store - and it was the SAME vendor!

We got our filter from H2O pool products for about $270. Delivered. I don't know if the repair will be worth it...


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
If the filter is otherwise fine, no obvious corrosion or other broken parts, and the parts are available, then it is simpler and cheaper to fix it rather than replace it.