Reopening a pool after 18 years offline


Sep 5, 2019
Kansas city
I'm still restoring this old hybrid pool. It is 20x40 somewhere around 35,000 gallons i believe. I have 2 skimmers, 1 main drain, and 2 returns. All of which are 1.5" sch 40 pvc. Looking to replace the pump and filter and add a natural gas heater to the pad. The current filter is a cartridge filter but I'm not sure of the state of it. Any recommendations on plumbing the pad and what equipment would be best?


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Before you get to deep into this I would recommend you pressurise the plumbing as much as possible point to point to see if the piping is still intact. I have seen some of that vintage disintegrate.