Reoccurring Loud Century / whisperflow motor


Nov 27, 2019
Wesley Chapel, FL
Hi all,

I’m starting to think we finally bought a lemon. We bought this house 6 months ago and the pool has 2 Whisperflos with 1.5 HP century motors. I’m sure they’ve been rebuilt before and when we moved in we we had a little accident and the pool sucked in a little floatie so I rebuilt one again with a new impeller, seals, and bearings. Then the cleaner pump got loud is o did the same thing to it. They were both quiet for a little bit. About a month ago we noticed the filter pump was leaking a little and was louder than the cleaner pump. So I swapped them. Cool, it was quiet for about 3 weeks. Now the filter pump is louder than ever. I removed it from the pump and it’s the motor again.

What gives? I’m admittedly buying cheap bearing from Amazon but they seemed ok to me.

Thoughts? Please advise before I go off the deep end and buy all new equipment that I can’t afford. We just had the pool resurfaced(that’s a whole another story) installed pavers, replaced the gas heater with a gently used one, installed 2 different solar controllers, and just paid for leak detection that is still up in the air.

Thanks in advance,

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Most of the time when motors go bad, it is due to the bearings rusting from water leaking on them due to a bad shaft seal. When installing seals, you have to be very careful about keeping the seal surfaces clean and installing it in the correct direction or they will leak.

After seal installation, you have to make sure there is zero water underneath the pump.
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