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Sep 30, 2021
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We bought this house last summer with an existing pool and spill over spa that looks to be 15-20 years old and reasonably well maintained. It’s the first pool we’ve owned (had a salt water one in a rental in central Australia, but that’s a different animal). Our home warranty has replaced the blower on the spa and the capacitor on the pump. We had our pool service replace the fins in the filter and clean it. They come once a week to maintain the chemistry and clean so that all we have to do is enjoy! Since the big freeze last winter, we’re noticing that the plaster needs to be redone as it’s chipping away at the waterline in the spa and is rough and discolored in the pool. I’ve asked our existing pool maintenance guy for a quote to redo the pool and tile and repair any loose or cracked stones on the surround. He showed me a sample board of finishes and left me a catalog of tiles to begin to look through. I’m expecting the quote in a week or so…he thinks around $10k. I have sooooo many questions!
1. Is that a reasonable amount? I know it’s hard to say without specifics, but is it even in the ballpark?
2. The catalog and finish is from NPT…that’s the catalog he left me. We’re considering StoneScapes Mini Pebble. Is it a quality product? What’s the warranty like? Value for price? Better products out there? Good choice for a backyard pool? Too rough on the toes? It’s just hubby and I with occasional friends and 3 grandkids as much as we can get them to visit!
3. If we need to upgrade to spend more, where is the wisest place to spend, and where is it safe to cut costs?
4. How on earth do you choose from allllll the choices?! I don’t want anything too warm that will heat the pool too warm in the middle of the summer. We have a heater, so I can always warm it up, but I can’t cool it down! I’m including a pic of the current pool for reference. We want a natural looking oasis with a tropical, beachy feel. We will not be removing the stones, waterfall, coping, surround, etc, so what we choose needs to fit seamlessly with the existing hardscape.
As a fairly new pool owner, I don’t even know what questions to ask! I have lots to learn…thanks for helping educate me!

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Hi and Welcome to TFP!

What a wonderfully pretty pool you have! I LOVE it!!!

So on to your questions:
-Price-there is no real way for us to tell you if that is a fair price or not. The prices are SO different from area to area. Even just across town can be different. What TFP suggests is getting at least 3 quotes. Get 5 if you can to really get a good feel for the pricing in your area. Share the quotes on here so we can look over them with you.

-plaster kind-ask the person if they have any of that plaster in a pool that would let you walk on it and touch it.

-up grades-The different plasters are tiered by color a lot of the time. The darker the color the more it has a chance to mottle. The skills of the installer will make all of the difference!

-Chooses- Pick me, pick me, pick me!! LOL I will help spend your money!!! I LOVE to help design pools!

I am going to share a thread with you that shows many different plasters and colors. You can always PM the thread owners to ask about how the plaster feels:
Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off

I am also going to share a link on pool care the TFP way:

I hope you find all of this useful! :hug:

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