Mar 25, 2017
stuttgart arkansas
Newer owner, I bought the House last summer and remodeled the house first, now im ready to move outside,, The pool was built in the late 70's, and the plaster is coming up in places. The Storage build sits on a pored slab, and is 12x20. The Decking is all wood, underneath is the original concrete 4'wide on the sides, and the ends are 10 foot wide. I want to make the storage building a poolhouse/guest cottage, and remove all the decking returning to a concrete deck, with the end 10x10 pads. Resurfacing the pool, and tile.. Have i lost my mind>?



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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for pool questions from those that have lost their minds... :shark:

So to answer you question.. Yes, I believe you have... But, worth doing anyways... :cool:

Thanks for posting the before pics. Can't wait to see the after pics.

Jim R.