Reno thoughts and input on plaster vs epoxy


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Mar 24, 2019
We recently ended up purchasing a home that had a pool we thought might need some work and being in early Feb of this year didn’t do too much in the way of inspection... you know where this is going.. :)

The pool is ~40x25 free form (10 ft deep) with attached spa. Built in about 1990, not much ever done to it besides basic basic maintenance.

Long story short, we need to..
  • Rebuild tile line and replace tiles
  • Fix freeze broken plumbing underground
  • Replace decking (concrete with cantilever coping)
  • Replace all equipment except heater
  • Do something with the surface though the plaster shell is in OK condition
Quotes for epoxy paint (2 coats) are coming in around $7,500. Plaster is all over the place, $16k-$30k.

I’m leaning towards epoxy but am concerned that if we ever need to replaster, we need to sandblast. The epoxy guy is telling me just keep repainting and you shouldn’t need to replaster. The plaster people are saying epoxy isn’t a long term solution. Epoxy people are saying it’s long enough with painting every 3-4 years the pool will outlast us..

What are your thoughts on epoxy paint vs replaster? What would you do given all the other expenses here. I guess we technically could probably go another 2-3 years without plaster or paint but at ~20 years on this shell and all this other work happening I figure we should do something..



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Aug 10, 2017
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Not a fan of painting any pool. It's a pay now or pay later deal. 7k for paint figure 3 times in 12 years is over 20k. 20k will get you nice plaster and last 20 yrs if chemistry is good so a better value and nicer look with little maintenence. Add in draining the pool to paint and you see where I'm going