Removing leaking booster pump


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Mar 16, 2017
I live in Texas and have had my pool for almost 5 years. I have had to replace my booster pump once already and the second one now needs replaced again along with the underwater pool cleaner. I decided to buy a manual pool cleaner that does not use a booster pump. I bought a Polaris P-955 4 Wheel Drive Robotic Pool Cleaner that I LOVE!! Works so much better than the one I originally bought with my pool. So question 1. I need to know how to remove the booster pump and reconfigure the pluming. Question 2. I run my pump all year and it has always been on a timer for the Pump and the Pool cleaner. But since I have had the Booster pump off because it is leaking and need replaced, the timer for the pump will not work so I have to go out and manually shut it on and off. From what I understand I need to have both timers set for them to work. If you need pictures of the set up I can get that tomorrow. I am open to suggestions!! Thanks!


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Hi, welcome to TFP! If you could please post a picture of your equipment pad from 2 or 3 angles that will help us answer the question about removing the booster from the plumbing. Please post a picture of the timer as well as that may help us troubleshoot the timer issue.


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It sounds like the timers are wired backwards. It should be that the filter pump can turn on and off and the booster pump can't turn on unless the filter pump is on.

Do you know how to rewire a timer? The load wires going to the filter pump timer need to be moved to the line terminals on the Booster pump. Or remove the booster pump timer from the equation completely and move the line wires feeding the booster pump timer to the line terminals on the filter pump timers.

For the plumbing, the easiest thing to do is remove the pump and plumb the team lines together and it will send some water to the cleaner port. So, it will work like another pool return.

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