Removing Debris From Solar Cover


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Jun 10, 2019
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Hi All,

Our in-ground pool is under a very large pine tree which means tons of pine needles all the time. Bought a solar cover last year to warm the pool and also keep the needles out, but we ran into issues almost every time we took the cover off where most of the debris on the cover would find its way into the pool. The pool is too large for us to effectively sweep or vacuum the cover, so was wondering if anyone had tips for how to clean the cover before removing it.



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Jul 20, 2017
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Best answer is to cut down that tree, lol. I can not as i have way to many in the area so i do this.
I use my brush on the pool pole and brush everything to one corner keeping it a foot or two from the edge so it does not flow off the edge of the blanket. I then scoop it up from there with the net or a dust pan on a stick with a broom. If i see a lot of dirty water in the mix i then use a wet dry vacuum to suck that up.
Bottom line is a solar blanket will do nothing for ya to keep the pool clean if you don't first clean the top of the blanket as any dirt left on it will unfold into the pool when you unroll the blanket. So you either vacuum the blanket or vacuum the pool. At least by catching and exposing of the dirt on the blanket you never unset your pool chemicals.
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Jan 6, 2010
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I have read in the past of someone who uses a hose and spray nozzle to wash everything to the skimmer. I';m sure some escapes.

You would be wise to put hair nets or nylons over your skimmer basket. Pine needles are good at slipping past both baskets and clogging up pump impellers.
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