Removing algae: vacuum or brush&filter?


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May 13, 2019
Hi! I am a total pool newbie but I like learning. We bought a new home with a pool last November and opened it April 17. Pool had not been opened in 5 years, cover was shot, there were literal weeds growing in it. So since then we have been scooping and shocking and filtering (DE filter.) I got a Taylor test kit and we have been SLAM-ing the pool for about 2 weeks (took some time for my kit to come to the first week was test strips & pool store, second week was actual kit). The pool has cleared up for sure (five weeks and literal thousands of dollars later) but there is still a lot of algae. I have the test kit and the pool math app so assume my levels are where they need to be to be at slam levels.

Long story short my husband and I are disagreeing on the best way to finally clear this pool. Do we slam and brush brush brush and let the filter do it’s thing? Or do we vacuum up the fine algae? We have been vacuuming to waste but it wastes SO MUCH water and it messes with the chemical levels so we spend more money increasing the CYA and the chlorine etc.

It’s a 30k gal pool with a vinyl liner. First pic is April when we opened, second pic is this morning.

Thanks for any guidance!



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Jan 6, 2010
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I would gently brush that crud into one smallish pile and let it settle for a while. Perhaps set the vacuum in place but don't connect it. When it's clear enough to see, vacuum the heap to waste. Then switch over to filter and vacuum the rest of the pool.

Then it's just brush and vacuum and bleach until it clears and passes the other two tests.