Removating Concrete Pool Deck

dave a

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Jun 17, 2010
Our pool deck is a perimeter of approximately 4ft x 4ft x 10 inch concrete slabs, approximately 550 sq. ft in total. I'm guessing it was put in 20+ yrs ago. We are in Eastern Canada which may explain the 10 inch thickness.

The four corner slabs plus a couple other have sunk 2 to 3 inches towards the pool. Surface of many have become very rough, discoloured and some cases small pebbles are showing in the concrete.

I thinking of mudjacking the sunken slabs and then having a 0.5 to 1 inch resurfacing added to the complete deck.

Could mudjacking damage the pool wall (the part that has to be raised is up against the pool) ?

Any suggestions, comments etc?



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Mar 13, 2009
mud jacking I believe is the pumping of soil/water mix under a slab to fill in a void. I would think that as long as the pool was filled there would likely be no harm.


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May 20, 2007
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Here its a cement mixture - they drill holes in the concrete and then pump the mix under the slabs to level them. Sometimes it works and sometimes they settle again... it isn't cheap and the finished look is just ok cuz you have the drilled holes that stand out with cement/crete that doesn't match.

We've had it done twice.

I'd be worried about what you can't see and where the mix might end up....

I've never heard of adding a layer on top of existing. Would it bond properly?

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