Remodel - Pool Company Recommendations

Dec 16, 2014
We want to remodel our pool, which is 15 years old. We live in Frisco, TX. Sandler originally built it for us. We want new plaster, tile and coping and would like to add a water feature and possibly a fire pit. I have heard good things about Venture Pools on new pool projects and the sales person Mark. So contacted them. Mark only does new construction, so I was referred to Chris Deering. it has not been a good experience. Chris came out in October and to date, we do not have any estimates. Also, he has not helped to recommend any type of design for our remodel. I want someone to come out and offer some designs and recommendations with costs. Would love some recommendations for pool companies that to top quality work. We want this project done right. Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX
I had Classic Tile and Plastering, 340 West Northwest Highway, Grapevine, TX. Jerry Reynolds, (817) 825-0576, redo my oldest daughter's pool with new coping, tile, and plaster. I was impressed with their work, and I'm having them redo my other daughter's pool next month. I'm not sure if they do major redesign work, but call Jerry and see what he has to say. Tell him I recommended him, no money involved, just want him to know I appreciate good work.

Thanks, Jim Rahbe