Refill Spa - Order of operations


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Jun 22, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I know after I fill the spa, I have to balance the water and add chlorine. I'm just not sure of the order of operations. I know it is important because one thing will affect another. I will need to add a bit of calcium, TA, Borax, Chlorine bleach, CYA, and maybe some acid. What order should I add and when do I test to fix the PH?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Hi, IMO - sanitizer is first!! After that I'd do the pH and then the alk and ch. Add a little cya whenever you want, and by 'a little I do mean a little) You only need a small amt. of cya to take care of an indoor or covered hot tub. After you add anything, let the tub run for ~40 min and then test and re-dose as needed :)