reducing buildup of calcium


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May 9, 2007
El Paso, Texas
has anybody used the product called "Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus" it is recommended by Auto Pilot as a "prevention additive to continually help soften and reduce buildup of calcium scale deposits in the cell"

do you really need this product, and how well does it really work?

I firgured if I keep my water balanced this will prevent the majority of scaling problems. Any opinions out there???

Just went to their website ... tector.php

one gallon of their product raised your CH by 100 PPM, :shock: sounds like a big gimick to me. I already have "hard" water and always battling High CH

and does NOT prevent scale but makes the scale softer to remove, well I don't think 25% acid mix has any problems with scale removal.

I won't being buying this product

I am surprised that Auto Pilot recommends it,
Rockcrawler said:
I am surprised that Auto Pilot recommends it,
Well, since BOTH Autopilot and Lo-chlor are owned by Team Horner, it's not that surprising that Autopilot would recommend a product from a 'sister' company.
This particular porduct increases the MAGNESUIM hardness of the water so a much softer magnesium scale tends to fall out of solution before the calcium does. Interesting idea, probably works too. Necessary? Probably not if you are staying on top of your water chemistry. An alternative approach would
be to use a sequesterant with a high chelation index for calcium such as Jack's Purple Stuff or O Ace Sis Calcium Hardness Reducer. Once again, necessary? Once again, probably not!