Redoing the pump inlet and outlet connections


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May 26, 2019
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
My current pool plumbing is far from ideal. Every time the pool maintenance service come service the pool, if they opened the pump lid to clean the basket or open the filter housing, and shifts the pump a little bit, it will create a leak somewhere to cause the pool not to prime half the time. This resulted in me taking apart the piping, unions and redoing them again and again and again. Furthermore, there is a very slow leak on the pump outlet and no matter how tight I make the joint or how much pipe dope (or tape, or both) I use it doesn't stop the leak or if it does it comes back in a day or two.



The piping was done very low but I have to raise the pump higher or else it will be covered by leaves and sometimes during heavy rain in Miami we get flooded. For this reason there is a vertical offset with two 90 elbows.

I have purchased two 2" high temp unions which I believe may help solve my problem. I intend to put on on the inlet side and one on the outlet side of the pump. This I was told will seal better and stop the outlet connection leak.

My first question is do I need to keep the two existing unions if I am putting in two high temp unions so close to them? Get rid of them?

My second question is coming out of the Jandy valve is a male adapter, then a female adapter, a 90 elbow, then the union, then another elbow, then a male adapter into the pump. With the new high temp union, assuming I get rid of the existing union, will it be better if I go with a flexible pipe to do the two 90 elbow? Will it help the flow in the pipe better?
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