Rectangular liner in an Oval pool?

Jun 19, 2007
Oklahoma City, ok
Some months ago I had a leak in my 16'x32'x6' oval inground pool.

We were shipped a vinyl liner designed to fit a rectangular pool.

Because of the nature of the mistake (the contractor or one of his minions ordered incorrectly)
and the fact that the main drain was set and cut before anyone figured this mess out the liner is NOT returnable.

The contractor has on more than one occasion told me
"the liner will be here Wednesday, we'll be out Saturday to install"
only to turn around a few days later to tell me the order was lost, etc.

A few days ago he knocked on my door (I was expecting him to show up with the replacement liner)
to tell me that he's giving up trying to get the correct liner and hands me a check for all monies already paid him.

I now have my money back AND a liner in my pool that doesn't exactly fit.
I'm seriously considering cutting and seaming all four corners to make it fit.
I could use an extra couple thousand dollars.

Am I insane or does anyone out there think this might work?
It might not be perfect when I finish but what do I have to lose?
Anyone tried something like this before and have any pointers?
If I do it correctly I don't think there will be any weight bearing seams, it could work, yes?

Please be nice, I already feel dumb just asking the question, Danny.


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
I can't imagine being able to seam the liner to make it hold. There is a load on the seams, because the liner is supposed to be a little too small for the pool so it can stretch to fit tightly.


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May 23, 2007
You need some out of the box thinking...

Would it be cheaper to make your oval pool rectangular? :)


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
I feel for you but here is what you have to lose:

A lot of water after filling and the liner fails
A lot of time wasted trying to cut and seam that thing so it fits

They are right. A liner has to stretch into place so the entire thing is weight bearing. You really are better off getting a new liner - you can find them at super prices out there and I'm betting for a lot less than the contractor was going to charge for it with his cut in there. Get rid of the middle man and shop around.

No question is a dumb question here. If we all knew everything we wouldn't be here every day checking the board.

Welcome to TFP.


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May 14, 2007
New Brunswick Canada
If anything, try this.

We all suffer from rain storms an such and where to hide the cushions and all that. I got an old one here, lined some cedar boxes with the old liner, and voila...tighter then a scotsman on his last buck.