Recovering from Leslies pool mishandling

Jul 10, 2020
Kaufman Tx
Hello everyone! This is my third season to own a pool and has been the most difficult. Ran into CYA issue this year having taken some bad advice and had to fight my way through getting that reduced. I basically am tired of the big pool stores making me feel stupid and want to get a solid understanding of my pool. I also want to use the best chemicals for the pool as well as my family. Thanks in advance.
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You're in the right place now. Welcome to TFP! :wave: Here are a few tips to get you going:
- Get a TF-100 (linik in my signature) or Taylor K-2006C. I recommend the TF-100. See Test Kits Compared
- Read our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and save those Vital Links in my sig as well.
- Stay out of the pool store. Ha

Once you get your test kit, post a full set of numbers and we'll coach you through the process. Read those links! They are key. Have a nice weekend and stay cool. It's hot. :swim:


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey guys and Welcome !!!

I basically am tired of the big pool stores making me feel stupid and want to get a solid understanding of my pool
OK everybody....... show of hands, who else ???? **most of forum raises hand** Yeah, we get it. :) Now we got you. Pat gave you a great recommendation for your own reliable testing. And the link to begin your learning. Ask away with any questions and folks who were once in your shoes will be happy to help.
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Jan 6, 2010
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Step One: a proper test kit. You can read all about them in Pool School or skip the article and head to for a TF100. Sadly, I get no commision or kickback. It;s just what I use. Same chemicals as a Taylor K-2006 but in better quantities -- sized for what gets used most, not for what fits in those nifty bottles.

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Apr 26, 2020
Chesapeake, Virginia
Welcome! I too was shocked at how little the pool store was actually there to help you. My pool builder did a great job building my pool. I figured the pool store would be a wealth of knowledge on keeping my pool looking good. I felt I was chasing my tail with recommendations that were based on 10 seconds of reviewing their (inaccurate) test results and not really understanding what my pool needed. Walked away after 4 visits and after finding this site. Don't know what I would have done had I not ended up here.
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