Reconciling Recommendations for SWG SLAMs


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Sep 16, 2019
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I'm a new pool owner and have found everything here super useful for getting up to speed with my pool. I'm a little confused on the advice concerning SLAM with salt-water though. On the one hand, it is usually recommended here that the SWG be turned off for a SLAM as its contribution is very marginal. On the other hand, lower SLAM levels are given in the recommended levels section for SWG on the basis that the water will be superchlorinated in the cell. However, if the owner has turned off the SWG for the SLAM process, then wouldn't the SLAM levels be exactly the same as they are for non-SWG pools? How do I reconcile these two pieces of advice?


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May 3, 2014
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You treat your pool as a non-SWCG pool during the SLAM Process. The FC/CYA Chart chart for SWCG pools only is because you are using your SWCG to add maintenance chlorine to your pool water, not that the water has salt in it.

SLAM level FC is 40% of CYA level.