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Feb 14, 2021
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My generator is a Jandy Truclear 11k which recommends 30-50 ppm per the operation manual. I'm about at 20ppm right now and planned to build to about 40ppm to be in line with the product manual. I have a 13k gallon pool which was just completed in the last few months.

I was just curious about the recommendation from the CYA/Chlorine charts published on this site, which states 70ppm minimum. I'm just trying to understand why the recommendations here are much higher than the Jandy literature. At 20ppm CYA i've been saturated at about 5ppm FC with the generator running at 50%(10 hr per day). Since this is a new pool i'm not sure what the chlorine load is going to be throughout summer, but if I am able to maintain a high FC at a low CYA (in relation to the TFP recommendations) is there some other phenomenon occurring in the water treatment that leads to a higher CYA requirement for SWCG's?


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Jul 7, 2014
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That is the whole point of having a higher CYA level. It reduces your FC demand.. With a CYA of 20, or less, the sun will quickly consume your FC.. While you have to keep the FC ppm higher, the amount of FC your pool uses will decrease as the CYA increases.

Having CYA at 70 will in no way hurt your SWCG...

Trust me.. Follow our CYA/Chlorine Chart and you and your pool will be happy..


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