Recommendations for suction side pool cleaner


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Oct 5, 2007
Valrico, FL
I have an old Kreepy Krawler type cleaner that is showing it's age. I would like recommendations and suggestions for a suction side pool cleaner. My pool is "L" shaped with a bench at one end of the "L" and a weeding cake step at the other. The skimmer/suction port are located at the corner of the "L". The pool has a PebbleTec finish which is quite rough. My usual debris is small leaves and sand. The pool has a surface area of about 242 square feet.

I would like a cleaner that cleans the walls as well as the bottom. Another plus, which will be hard to answer is the local availability of replacement parts. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.


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Sep 27, 2008
Houston, TX
having used both the Hayward Navigator and ThePoolCleaner (4 wheel), neither of which cleans my walls once the angle goes vertical. Might just be my plaster however. I like the Navigator more than ThePoolCleaner, but it does worse on leaves and larger debris than ThePoolCleaner. I do think most of the problems I have with ThePoolCleaner is related to the shape of my pool where it spends most of it's time along the walls rather than cleaning the center. Mine is shaped like a snowman, 3 round areas stacked on each other. For good wall coverage I think one would have to switch to a pressure or robotic cleaner. Just the nature of the beast I am thinking.
But a quick brush of the walls on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is not all that hard for me, so I just live with it.
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