Recommendation for liner replacing companies in sf bayarea


Oct 12, 2019
san jose, ca
Does anyone have a liner replacing company they can recommend in the sf bayarea ? My liner has leaks. I had the famous leak detecting company come and fix it 2 times. I still have 0.5"/day leak with solar cover.
I asked the guy who installed the liner many yrs ago to come check. He checked and said the liner is fine and doesnt need replacement. For some reason none of the leak fixing companies are returning calls...
I was thinking of changing the liner (7 yrs old) itself instead of chasing the leaks... hence asking for reco...


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Apr 4, 2007
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I hope you have better luck than we have, I know of two people besides myself who have been trying to get a liner replaced for two years with no luck. I'm the only one of the three able to keep using my pool. Pool service places are booked for the foreseeable future in many places.
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