Recommendation for Leaf Pool Cover


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Apr 20, 2017
Pool covers aren't very common in Phoenix, probably because the water doesn't need any solar heat during the hot swimming months. However, my pool has a large ficus tree hovering over it. It's great for the much needed shade, but a ficus is a never ending battle of staying on top of the constant leaves and seeds. The first week in my house, we had a wind storm while my pump was running. My skimmer was so full in few hours that the lid popped out

Anyway, I'm trying to find a solution to the endless battle. Mostly, I'm afraid for when I travel that I can't keep the pump on because of fear that basket gets too full. I'm looking around at covers, and found a few leaf nets for pools. I need one that will catch leaves and pee sized seeds. Also something that is easy to place on and off pool without the need for a cover underneath. Also need to be able to circulate water underneath.

Anyone have any experience with leaf net covers? Any recommendations?


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Feb 6, 2015
Chandler AZ
Sorry, I can't assist with your pool cover question. Any chance someone could stop by every few days to empty out your skimmer while you're away?

While I appreciate the want for shade around our pools here in the desert southwest, over time that ficus tree will cause you more problems than just the litter from the leaves and fruit. Their roots can be quite invasive - even to the point of causing structural damage to your pool.

What Is a Safe Distance to Plant Ficus Nitida From the Pool? | Home Guides | SF Gate

Sorry to say, but judicious use of a chainsaw now will help prevent possible future costly problems.

Pretty much any tree or plant is going to cause some litter. Here's a Google search result for best trees for poolside in arizona - Google Search

You may also wish to consider a shade sail to provide shade over/around the pool.


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Apr 20, 2017
Thanks proavia. I know the ficus is going to be an issue. I just bought the house and learned in the sellers disclosure that the previous owner had already had to fix the pool because the ficus was bending the rebar.

The problem is that it's huge. Over 35 years old and going to take a professional crew to come remove it, possibly with a crane. It's something we are saving for and will need to do in next couple of years.


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Oct 5, 2014
San Antonio, TX
If you do a search on katchakid, they sell a leaf cover. Not sure if they do business in Phoenix area. Cost in San Antonio area for up to 20x40(I think) is around 2000.
I have the safety net and then a leaf cover that rests on it and tucks in around the edges. Keeps everything out except rain and sand and very fine pollen. I went from oct 1 to almost apr 1 with the cover on and never once cleaned a skimmer. And I have a lot trees leaves and pollen

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