Recommendation for best combination for Pool/Spa/Sunshelf/Steps

Oct 31, 2014
Jupiter, FL
Currently have a pool company cleaning once a week -- but get a fair amount of stuff during the week, and want to keep cleaner, and eventually DIY and get rid of the monthly charge.

Not sure given our design (Pool , Spa, Stairs, Sunshelf w/ narrow band around spa), if a single suction side cleaner or robot would work or am I better off just use that for the main part of the pool, and manually do the sunshelf and spa.

Given the recommendations here, The Pool Cleaner (2 wheel), seems to be the nearly unanimous choice (and price is right!) Am guessing given this layout would go off the sunshelf before cleaning, and may not work in the spa. Those are small enough spaces, where it wouldn't bother to do by hand vs. spending an extra $500 on something "smart enough" to do it all...

Appreciate thoughts and advice. Pics attached (a couple years old from construction) so you can get an idea of the layout.

Updated Photos 036.jpg

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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
There isn't really anything that does a spa well other than doing it by hand.

Some cleaners will do parts of the sun-shelf, but none of them are going to get into the narrow portions. Most will consider it too shallow and refuse to go there at all.

I would focus the automatic cleaner on the main pool and take care of the sun-shelf/spa manually.


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Jun 24, 2011
Long Beach, CA
I agree with Jason that the spa and shelf will best be cleaned manually. If you are choosing a suction cleaner, then the Pool Cleaner is highly recommended.
Oct 31, 2014
Jupiter, FL
The Pool Cleaner arrived. Will get it in this week once I get some free time...

Before I do, do I need a leaf canister to go with it? Can see from the pictures above, that we have a couple of plantings pool side. On windy days always have a few leaves (actually a different plant than shown... About 4-5 inch leaves, but thin. I can fish them out before putting the pool cleaner down, but it seems like it would be bad if they were to get stuck underground vs. investing $40 or so on a canister? Or is the canister overkill?

I don't planning on leaving the Pool Cleaner in constantly -- will put in once to twice a week for the run time (8-5) of the pump... Unless that's not a good plan.


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May 3, 2007
Pleasanton, CA
A canister is a good idea if you have a direct cleaner line. Otherwise, if you are connecting through a skimmer with a basket, that is all you need. Also, I leave my cleaner in all the time except when swimming. It has been operating that way for 9+ years now.
Oct 31, 2014
Jupiter, FL
I do have a direct cleaner line (will be the first time it is tested). Any recommended baskets for The Pool Cleaner?

Anything I should know about setting up The Pool Cleaner (will read the manual, but assume it is just hook it up and let it go (and maybe adjust the suction...)

I probably won't leave it in all the time, just because it spoils the view of the pool, which is directly through the sliders in the great room...