Recognize this spa jet?


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Jun 20, 2007
The Woodlands, TX
I have two large foot jets in my spa that the pb forgot to install the grate. For a couple of months, we've been in the spa with our feet occasionally slipping into the spa cavity. The pb insisted that he installed the grates until he finally came over and said "oh, it was those darn plaster guys. I'll have to back charge them".

He brought out two covers for the jets, but they sure don't look like their the right ones. Take a look at the pics below. One is the jet without a grate, one is with the grate that the pb gave me. The grate is for a Hayward SP 1450-T Turbo Boost Jet. Another pic below is this spa jet.

Note how the nozzle in my jet is much smaller (about 1/2") than the opening in the grate (about 2") and does not extend out of the grate. Note the pic of the Hayward spa jet and how the nozzle extends out of the grate. Also, the hole in the SP1450-T grate has internal threads, like there should be something screwed into it, but my jet nozzle has no threads. Can anyone identify the jet I have and where I can get the proper cover/grate for it?