Recently painted, fresh fill in process, hope to swim on 4th


May 24, 2007
Baldwin City, Kansas
I've been reading all of the great information provided on this site, received the TF-100, and have tested my tap water:

CL = 2
T/A - 90
pH - 8.2
CH - 120

I will test again before adding any chemicals. I read advice to another poster who was preparing to treat a fresh fill and was referred to the Beginners Guide for Temporary Pools. I've read this and wanted to verify that in order to swim immediately, I would add bleach to bring the chlorine level up to 6 ppm. In order to add CYA, I can use di-chlor over a 4 day period until my CYA level is 30. From that point on I continue using bleach only. I think I understood that di-chlor will raise my T/A and lower my pH.

I'm trying to assemble my shopping list, and make my plan. Am I on the right track?