Recent Issue with Pentair IC-60 Salt ppm readings (and resolution)


May 20, 2016
Overland Park, KS
So, about the first of July, I noted that the FC was dropping in the pool despite the SWG being set where it's always been set where it maintains 7-9 ppm FC. I checked the SWG settings and the Salt ppm was reading 2000. Well, I knew that the salt ppm was closer to 3,400 based on how I keep the levels set and the fact that it had not rained in a couple of weeks. So, I triple checked the Salt ppm by using (1) Salt Strip (2) my K-1766 test kit and finally (3) a reading from.....(HORROR!!) the local pool store. All three readings were fairly close at 3,480, 3,400 and 3,300 respectively so I knew there was a problem with how the IC-60 was reading the Salt ppm and as such, was not functioning.

I contacted Pentair and discussed the situation with a tech in warranty since the unit had been purchased and installed in mid July 2019 and didn't run over the winter so was literally less than 6/7 months old usage-wise. They set me up with the local pool service company who handles Pentair warranty work, Banks Pool Service in Overland Park, KS. The tech team arrived a couple days later and swapped out the temperature/flow switch saying that was "normally" the culprit and there had been a "bad run of IC-60's made last year that have T/F switches failing." Well, that didn't fix the issue so....the next thing they checked was the "salt board" inside the Intellitouch panel. It passed the test as well so.....they ended up swapping out the entire IC-60 for a brand new one.

In about 3 minutes.....3,400 popped up on my ScreenLogic readout and the issue was fixed. The reason I am sharing this is so others can see a few things. One, when your Salt ppm reading is low or zero and you KNOW there is more salt in the pool than that, the first "fix" is the temp/flow switch inside the SWG. Second, the next "fix" will likely be a check of the salt board to see if it is functioning properly. Third, that Pentair does stand behind their products and gets you back on line as soon as they can. Fourth, don't let pool service companies BS you that "self-installed" SWG's void the warranty.

I talked at length to the service tech at Pentair because I had previously run an IC-40 which lasted 5 years and once it gave up the ghost, swapped to an IC-60 after finding a couple of threads here about SWG longevity. I installed the IC-60 myself since it is basically plug & play and I remove it each winter to replace it with a"blank" so was very familiar with the process. The warranty tech said that the requirement for "professional installation" is pertaining to the FIRST install where the panel is wired, etc. After that, a REPLACEMENT SWG can be self-installed for the very reason I just is plug and play.

The warranty on a REPLACEMENT self-installed SWG is the same as the warranty on a professionally installed first SWG according to Pentair. Banks Pools Service didn't have any issues with this but the first company that was assigned to the job "Swim Things" was adamant that there was no warranty coverage even though Pentair had agreed to cover me under warranty. Edit - TFP Mod

Anyway, since my IC-60 has been replaced, it is humming away nicely and I am very happy with Pentair's service and the way they stood up and backed their product. I hope this post helps someone in the future if they have the same issue occur.
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Oct 25, 2015

Great post and nice to see another example of the kind of support Pentair provides. Not all brands are so favorable with DIY replacements and I think that's why there may be some confusion.