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May 21, 2021
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When we purchased our home and pool, it was noted on inspection that this one return jet was missing its eyeball fitting. It was passed off an a simple fix? Well, no.

It appears the PVC pipe has somewhat receded from the concrete under the ground such that I cannot get a threaded 1.5” fitting on it.

I tried a slip-in style fitting, but it was tight and would not stay with the water flow from the jets.

What should I do? I’ve thought of lightly sanding down a 1.5” slip-in style fitting to make the diameter slightly smaller and using a water safe glue…. I’d rather not drain the pool below the jet level since it’s spring time. I really want to have a miracle eyeball to direct my jet water flow toward my skimmer.

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 19, 2021
DFW Texas
Just checking with you Kelseyledare, on which route you too and to see if you got it fixed. I had my threads break off my return jets and I am looking for away to fix my issues. It looks like your returns is larger then mine? 1-1/2?GOPR0097_1624131811957.JPG
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