Rebuild or Replace Pump?

Nov 11, 2011
Tampa Bay, FL
I have a Hayward SP3400VSP that was installed in 2014. In the past week or so it has stopped working. At first the error message said "Pump has stalled" and I noticed a bunch of oak leaves had found their way into the pump basket. I cleared the leaves, cleaned the filter, de-energized for 5+ minutes and tried again. Got the same "Pump has stalled" message. So I disconnected the pump and took the motor housing off to check for blockages and didn't find anything. The impeller was able to rotate, so I reassembled and reconnected the pump. No error message this time! However, the pump does not engage :( the display screen reads that it is starting the priming cycle and the timer starts counting down. No power gets to the pump and the screen (though it says it is priming) reads 0 watts.

I feel like at the worst I would need to replace the motor. So I called a pool guy who has told me the computer is good, but nevertheless, the whole pump needs to be replaced to the tune of $1,800.00

If I did replace the pump, I know I could get the same thing and swap it out myself at half the cost for something closer to $900.00, but I'm not trusting what I have been told. I don't know how to rebuild/repair pumps, so I'm wondering, can the pump be repaired/rebuilt? Should I try another "professional"? If I did replace, I am not set on a VSP (the reason I bought it originally was because of the law that has since been amended) and would like to know what other, more economical options are out there in single or dual speed pumps that would be recommended?

All comments and advise is appreciated!


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May 3, 2007
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The EcoStar uses the same wet end as the TriStar pump so if you want to go with a two speed pump, which I would recommend, you could get a TriStar two speed pump and it would not require any plumbing changes and you can use the existing unions.

Otherwise, pretty much any two speed pump from Hayward or Pentair would be fine. There isn't much difference other than the "size" of the pump.

But why do you need such a large pump?


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Mar 5, 2017
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So you haven’t given up in the VS pump yet? Is it reassembled now?
It could be in some failsafe mode once it threw a code. If you removed power from the pump and let it go without power for a few hours, reconnect (or just turn breaker on/off) and then see if it will spin up to prime speed. Seems premature to fail.