reassemble Hayward filter


Dec 15, 2009
First time to clean the grids on my DE filter and despite my best laid pans I am now left with having no clue how to put this sucker back together again. Any clues, tricks, or tips out there for getting the grids back together?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!!

Until you know how the grids fit into the bottom plate (it'll come with experience and observation) start from thee top down. Put the upper manifold upside down on the grass and put the grids into it, making sure that the short grid goes in the right spot (it's labeled on the top of the manifold)

The rod is threaded on both ends so you can put that through the top before putting the grids in. Line up the notch on the bottom plate with the fresh water feed on top and wiggle the bottoms of the grids into their proper slots :-D

I hope this gives you a fair idea on getting the nest back together :)


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Jun 17, 2010
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Also, in addition to what Ted said above, I found it helpful to have a second person to help support the eight grids, and the bottom plastic support (which is now one the top, with Ted's suggestion to flip things over to put the grids back together. It took both of us, some wiggling, adjusting of the grids, to get them to the grids fit in all the slots in the bottom plastic grid support.
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