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Jul 18, 2020
Cincinnati OH
Pls note I have zero knowledge of pools.
Inherited with new home:
4 yr old IG 2800 gal concrete Pool/Spa. Hayward Omnilogic.
Immediately had to replace a pump (Hayward VSPR). We’re Unable to use touch screen. It doesn’t respond, so we can’t enjoy or configure any features. We’re supposed to be able to toggle between pool and spa, but it’s stuck on spa, so we shut off the heater. The Pool service tells me the screen it may have been hit by lightning and should be replaced. I contacted a Hayward tech, but he’s not familiar with how to replace it.

Secondly, I’ve been using a skimming net to remove tiny floating particles on water surface. Asking the pool service for help, he pointed out there is no skimmer?? In the equipment area, you can see into something where air is circulating in what looks like a basket - there’s no water, just a small leaf blowing around. I’m totally defeated.

Needless to say I’m stumped, but lesson learned - buying a home with a pool requires an inspection of the pool separate from the whole home inspection prior to purchase.
Thanks for listening.


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
In addition to providing your pictures, please identify if you have a main drain at bottom or some other configuration. You have already noted no skimmer so that is helpful. Also, do you have any water features such as fountain or waterfall. Does that work?

With regard to your new home purchase, did the seller provide a 12 month home warranty program? Did it include the pool. It should have but good to verify. Use that to claim refund for any repairs to pool equipment.