Reagent shelf life


Jun 3, 2009
How often must I update my reagents? Mine are exactly one year old. I have the tfp-100. Also, when doing the FC test, I put a second vial with clear pool water in it to compare with the vial I'm testing. The question is, should the testing vial be brought to be as clear as the plain pool water? Being color blind, I am trying this method to determine if all the pink is gone. But it seems to me that it never gets as clear as the plain water vial.


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Apr 10, 2009
I am using my reagents from the TF100 I bought last year and they're fine. I think as long as you store your reagents well (lids on tight and in a cupboard or closet), I've been told they should last a couple of years.

As to your FC test, the water should be clear, as clear as your plain water vial. If you're still seeing traces of pink, then you haven't added enough drops yet.


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Jan 11, 2009
Cupertino, CA
The official reagent lifetime is 1 year under normal circumstances. Kept in a cool dark place, they should go longer; some people report 2 years, even more.

In the FC test, after the pink is gone I see what might be a yellow tinge in the vial. It is not as colorless as a straight water sample.


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May 7, 2007
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Most of the reagents will last years and years, but a couple of them are less stable. With careful storage I can consistently get three years on everything. If you leave them out in the sun or store them somewhere hot or let them freeze the life time can be way shorter.


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May 16, 2009
The Triangle, NC
From what I can see of the TFP pictures, looking at the link in Pool School, some of the reagents are still in their Taylor bottles. It is a cinch to phone Taylor and the humans who answer (no phone trees!) will be able to check the lot numbers on your bottles against their data and tell you if your reagents are "Fresh", "Usable", or whatever....I've never had any of my reagents last long enough for them to garner a grade of less than "Usable".