Ready to SLAM and I have some questions


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Dec 27, 2010
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Hi Marty,
Quick follow-up. The DE filter crushed the iron precipitate and cleared it right up. I had to backwash it a couple times. I drained the pool about halfway and had city water trucked in then initiated the SLAM. The SLAM process went very quickly and I am now burning off the excess chlorine.

I plan to use up the extra bleach then replace my SWCG with an RJ60 instead of just replacing the T-Cell 15...a new RJ60 at DSP is about 2x the price of replacing the T-Cell 15 but generates significantly more chlorine and has a much longer warranty. We'll see how that goes. I am still raising the salt level and TA is still high but Pool Math says to lower it with acid and aerate, which I still need to do. The pool looks fantastic with no algae.

pH: 7.5
FC: 12
CC: 0-0.5
CH: 250
TA: 110
CYA: 60-70
Salt: 2400

Thanks for all your support during my panic...the pool looked like coffee when the iron precipitated out last week.
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May 3, 2014
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Sounds great! No reason to push the TA down unless you find the pH rising very fast.

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