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You need to go to Pool School (Top right hand side of this page)! Then you can blog about TFP and how it saved you a bunch of money and how nice your pool looks :goodjob:

Get a good test kit, read Pool School, quit going to the pool store and take control of your pool yourself. You'll be glad you did, and the money you spend on the test kit will allow you to save money by not buying all those crazy potions the pool store keeps selling you :cheers:


Don't be confused, and don't listen to the pool store! The folks on here are not out to sell you anything; they are only here to help! There is no agenda, and they will not steer you wrong. Read Pool School, get the test kit (and SpeedStir, like Richard said!) and take the time to really learn how to take responsibility for your pool.

You found the 'page, which is the first step! Now, go forward boldly and conquer :whip:


May 30, 2010
North Carolina
Thanks, Richard!! I just emailed them to add a speedstir to my order.

If you have any other advise, please let me know. I've been so aggravated with that pool!


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Jun 21, 2008
Central MD
Wow- you've been what we refer to around here as "pool stored". Read Pool School. No seriously, read it. Then read it again. And again if necessary. All that algeacide is worthless without some FC which you never have any of. I looked at the pictures, they aren't that bad. My pool looks like that every spring and I have it crystal clear in a week.

And quite buying Strike Out. You can buy ALOT of bleach at Wal Mart for $25.