Re-plumbing pool - skimmer pipe replacement question


May 14, 2018
Spring Valley, Ohio
I am looking for some advice on pool plumbing replacement.

We need to relocate our pool plumbing because of some construction projects at our house. Our pool is old (guessing 20-30 years) vinyl liner.
We had some underground pipe leaks and other issues, so we decided to take the opportunity and replumb the whole thing. We have dug around our concrete pad, and have exposed the pipes coming/going from the pool walls.

The old system had 3 returns in a single 1-1/2" pipe. There are 2 skimmers that were tied together in a 1-1/2" pipe and a main drain that was on its own 1-1/2 pipe.

We are replacing each return, skimmer and main drain with their own 2" pvc schedule 40 rigid pipe.

So far, all is going well, but I have a question about the skimmers.
It looks like an elbow directly abuts the skimmer down pipe. If I cut the pipe above the elbow, there is not enough pipe left on the skimmer to attach my new pipe.

On the other hand, if I add my pipe below the elbow, I will need to add another elbow to route to my new pvc, adding turns.

As such, it seems like I have three options:

1. add an elbow below the existing elbow.
2. cut above the elbow and use a rubber boot or something similar to mount the skimmer to my new pipe
3. replace the skimmer entirely.

What is the preferred repair strategy for skimmer repair?
Advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



In The Industry
Jul 21, 2014
Ann ID coupling under a skimmer is not at the top of my list.

Why not change the whole fixture?
At a minimum, back that male fitting out of the can & start fresh.