Re-Opening a Pool After 10 Years (Pic Thread)


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Jul 17, 2020
Eastern PA
Hi All,

Great forum you've got here and learning a ton already. Thank you to those who helped me get squared away with water testing. Several have asked for pics of my pool renovation so thought I'd share them here.

This is a 27-ft pool that was initially installed in 1993. It was used until about 2007, at which point it was neglected. The elements took over, it leaked, and sat unattended until June 2020.

First step was to cut the large growth down leaving large roots about a foot out. These larger roots were then dug up. Several larger roots had started growing underneath the walls and had to be cut back as far as possible. Root killer and spray paint was than used to prevent further root growth and new dirt was back filled.

Then the old liner was pulled completely out to allow for scraping off the algae layer that had formed and literally pulling every root that could be found. Once that was complete, 2 tons of new sand was added, shaped, and tamped down. Some sheet metal was used to reinforce the wall panel where the old skimmer and return was.Screenshot_20200721-101452_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101514_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101528_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101543_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101557_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101616_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101630_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101645_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101659_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200721-101713_Gallery.jpg