Re leveling my pre existing 15' AGP site!!! Ugh


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May 28, 2016
Independence, Missouri
This is the 8th year we've put up a 15'x48" pro series AGP! When the pool is not up, we put our trampoline on the circle to keep kids off of it and so the backyard stays functional. It seems every year the headache of re leveling the circle becomes a bigger pain! Last year I put pavers under the legs... which would've worked perfectly had I packed the pavers with sand and dirt! Learning something new everyday. Lol. This year I'm wanting to make the paver circle around the whole perimeter with heavy paver blocks in hopes of preventing the legs scooching out or in too far as we fill it and also to hold the pool circle form for when I put it up every year! I would really appreciate any and all advice with being able to complete this the right way! Being a single mom of 4 and no help with the labor, it's getting more and more overwhelming and it seems that this part of being a pool owner becomes more and more time consuming and back breaking. I posted a picture of what I'm wanting to do! Thank you in advance for any and all advice and knowledge.

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