Re-intro with a few issues


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Aug 30, 2011
Central Florida
I just purchased a home after living the apartment life for 2 years. Before that I had a16x32 inground pool for 22 years. This pool is similar in size.

It feels as if I'm starting over! Need to update the information in my signature, as it is from my old pool.

First of all, the house had zero supplies or equipment. Prior owner had a service. Water looks OK, but I haven't tested it yet. Surface will need to be redone soon. Hate bringing a sample to the local pool store.

Need to start with buying a decent test kit. I believe we had a TF-100 and a basic 2 test Taylor kit possibly that my wife bought through this site somehow. Could someone help me find that or a similar kit?

Also, the pool has a Polaris, but I'm not sure which model it is and there is a piece missing between the inline filter and the wall. I think it is missing the pressure relief valve, but not sure if it is missing anything else. Can anyone comment on what's missing from the pictures below?