Re- High Cholrine / Rain / Vacation


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Jul 9, 2010
minneapolis, mn
Hi we re opened the pool on Fri of last week to fix sloping. We opening per PS this time and used the Di Cholr for 4 days and are now waiting for the chlorine levels to go down. We have the pool in partial shade so it takes a long time to go down...:(

As we wait we have had LOTS/TONS of rain in the last 3 days..With my Chorline levels so high I am reluctant to add bleech after the rain, and am wondering if since the chlorine is high do I need to up it after a heavy rain or only if it is lower ??

Also On friday I am going out of town for 3-4 days so the pool will be unused during this time...COnsidering the above do i need to do anything before i leave?

I do not have a proper test kit, working on that for next year so this is not exact (oto) and I have not had time to go to Pool Store to confirm

FC 12-15 ish ( was Orange yesterday today after rain it is school bus yellow) I dilute 3/1 ratio to get the 12-15 estimate
TH 280
ALK 180
ph 7.5
CYA - waiting to test but it should be around 30 based on addition of di chlor give take due to rain.

Sorry for the estimates... hopefully next year good kit ( I test with the walmart drop kit 4 now) I brush and vacumme pool 1x wk or as needed.

Clarity is wonderful, except after vaccuming or playing it gets a little cloudy with particles...but they settle and it is clear again.


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May 20, 2007
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I don't think you need to add anything in terms of chlorine right now - but Friday before you leave I would add 2 tablets to a floater.
Is the stuff on the bottom Dichlor? That's not good to let it dissolve on the liner. IF it's just dust then I wouldn't worry.


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Jul 9, 2010
minneapolis, mn
Thank you. It should not be Dicholr as I disolve it in a bucket before adding it in front of the return. Small Dirt particles i think that washed in from the rain, and then pollen on the top :(
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