Re-designing retaining wall


May 3, 2018
Hi everyone,

We are in the beginning stages of having our retaining wall re-designed. The current layout is 57’ x 29’ and the retaining wall is currently using railroad ties that is 2’ high (the railroad ties are being to fall apart). Our vision is a 2 ft high poured contemporary concrete retaining wall all the way around. I imagine this is quite straightforward (to a certain degree) and will be reaching out to companies in the next few weeks for quotes.

My question (this is our first project like this) is what type of company should I be reaching out to for this type of project? It looks like this type of projects would be for landscapers, but I am looking to hear other opinions and recommendations. Thanks.


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Jul 8, 2015
Not to mess with your vision.. but have you considered blocks? They come in a billion colors and styles.. you could almost do it yourself.. here's pic I stole from the Home Depot family of websites...

Otherwise most concrete contractors know how to do retaining walls.. at least the ones I've worked with.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
I would also use a true retaining wall block that gets pinned 2gether with a system. Techoblok has modern stuff as do others. For a poured concrete stay away from land scrapers. You want a concrete contractor and maybe an engineer to look over the footing to be sure it's big enough