Re-building Nautilus CC Cleaner - tips and tricks


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Jul 18, 2019
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Thanks to some other users on this forum, I think I fixed my 2 year old Nautilus CC plus cleaner. I had an issue of tracks coming off and went ahead and got the tune up kit. Below is a video that will help - but this doesn't tell the whole story so thought I would share my tips and tricks.

First, it took me about an hour. Putting on the new brushes is very tedious, I recommend two pairs of needle nose pliers and TAKE your time, they can tear easily. Also, might want to get a helper to get the tracks back on, the new ones don't have a lot of give in them. I also recommend ordering the side panel floats that are styrofoam (6250951) - they are only $2 each and both mine showed wear. My brushes were in very good shape and I think I could have gone without replacing them.

The foam rollers however - yikes. I'm going to start replacing these yearly, maybe even sooner. See that attached photo but it's clear these things take a lot of abuse in my pool (and I need to replaster so that is part of it). You can guess which one is brand new and which is 2 years old. Putting these on is very easy and I have to say the cleaner seems to run faster and further up the wall than before. I surmise these floats act as tires and thus grip is important. Hope this helps anyone out there who needs to refresh their CC cleaner.

The float - Maytronics Dolphin 6250951 Float for Side Panel

Great video to help -



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