Re-Balance Chemicals after EACH Partial Drain/Refill?!?


Jul 11, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
Hi. New member that erroneously let the CYA get too high. I’m in the process of doing a partial drain/refill. If I plan on repeating the procedure within the next 24 hours, do I balance the chemicals after each partial drain and refill? I know if I’m spreading this process out over an extended period of time I would need to rebalance after each partial drain/refill. I’m using a Taylor K-2006 test kit. 15,000 16x32 vinyl in ground pool with a CYA around 90. I wanted to drain 1/3 (for now) but fell just short of that before the heavy rain/wind hit us! I’d like to do another 1/3 tomorrow night if possible. Pool is refilling overnight. So do I rebalance in the morning or let the pump circulate/blend the water? I have floor drains so there hasn’t really been a disruption in water circulation.