raypak new gas pool heater issue hoping for some ideas


Mar 21, 2019
London Ontario
hi there,

we have someone coming out to take a look at a brand new heater Raypak 406a (running perfect for a couple months) a few symptoms looking to see if a tech on the forum has a suggestions as there are major delays to get someone out to look at it. if its a simple repair i have a gasfitter and a pool guy that can do basic stuff

>> just to add we had an issue with a cracked lateral on a sand filter so some sand would have got into the heater but that is fixed now
was wondering if 1 of the components could have been damaged (pressure switch / UC )
also thinking if something is preventing enough water from getting to the heater (pressure switch etc) then i read that the heat is disipated and can trigger the error and shut off below - or there is soot on the exhanger?

1) whistling noise when running right off the bat when it fires up
2) reduced heat coming out of jets
3) i think possibly reduced water flow coming out of jets - possibly restricted at heater
4) runs for 10-20 min approx then shuts off with High Limit 2 is Open error


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Jul 31, 2021
San Diego
Make sure the filter pump is operating at 40gpm minimum. Pull the unitherm governor and inspect and test.CBF353BD-91DF-414B-B932-45DC211D096E.jpeg
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It would explain most of your symptoms.
Pay close attention to the video, the unitherm has to open completely.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Do you have a RECIRCULATE position on your sand filter MPV?

If so set it to RECIRCULATE and see if your flow improves and your heater works .
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