Raypak M206A won't heat


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Aug 5, 2020
I have the above model pool heater. Its has worked flawlessly for 12 years. Today, it was not heating. The display shows "CFH" then, after a few seconds, it will show "CLK". I get no "SPK" and there is no clicking. I have turned it off and back on, checked the ground, nothing works. Any ideas? I think it may be a bad board, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


TFP Guide
Jun 4, 2012
western NY
You can try to jumper the TH/TP terminal on the gas valve to the TH terminal to bypass the safety switches. This will tell you if the problem is in one of the safety switches or not. If the unit fires then the problem is in that circuit and you will have to use a volt/ohm meter to determine which one it is. If it does not fire them the problem lies elsewhere. Being it is a spark igniter unit (per your comment on the not hearing a spark) you could pull the pilot assembly and clean the electrodes as well. A dirty spark igniter may be insulated enough to not spark although unlikely.