Raypak heater wiring


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May 27, 2020
Commack NY
Recently I took on the task of opening my in-ground pool after frustrating experiences with pool company. With that said, I figured out (watching YouTube) how to set up the filter and make all the connections for water. Then came the Raypak heater, slid it in correctly, looked at the wiring and scratched my head. If anyone has some insight, experience, or even a pic of their Raypak heat wiring, I'd be grateful. This is a photo of what it looks like and one of the model number as well.


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Sep 5, 2008
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Yellow wire connects with the other yellow wire at the gas valve. There should be a connection for 2 wires marked MV/PV (yellow). Then Violet/BLK wire should connect to MV and the Red/BLK to PV. Thats what the colors should be, yours look like they may be a bit faded. Blue wire needs to be reconnected to the FENWAL. Your FENWAL may be incorporated into the main board. Either a gray box that will say FENWAL, or it will connect to the main board directly. Posting a picture of your main board will tell.

Note: none of the wires pictured are for the input or high voltage so dont connect to those