Raypak Heater Help


Apr 6, 2021
I have a Raypak 336A, first 4 of serial is 0708. Assuming this means it was manufactured in July 2008. The heater came with the house and is practically brand new and was never used, I say this because the previous owner failed to tell me they never had a gas line run to it :)

Fast forward to present and I have added the gas line and got the heater to work. However, the display does not work and as a result I cannot get it to work with my Intellicenter automation.

The current board has a part # 601769 and the LCD display looks different from what I see online. What do you recommend I do, change the board, LCD or both? Is there an upgrade, does the upgrade provide any benefit? I've seen some used ones on ebay, your thoughts on these? Can I replace just the LCD, would any of you happen to have a spare one off an old unused unit?


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