Raypak Heater/Cooler and Jandy


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Jul 5, 2016
I've been following the forums for some time and finally have a question I need to post.

I just purchased a Raypack 8450HC and wired it up to my Jandy system for remote capability. I followed page 38 in the manual that says the two wire system with cooling is configured in cool mode and unit kicks off, however it only cools. Basically the unit by default is set to cool in remote mode and will heat when up to the temperature of the cool setpoint (94) minus the cooling dead band (6 degrees), so 88 degrees. However when I turn on my heater remotely, it first said there was no demand, then it kicked off into Cooling mode. My current pool temp is registering at 76 degrees.

I guess my question is has anyone set up the Raypak heating/cooling systems before and run into this issue? I know you can change the remote mode to "auto" which would heat and cool the pool based on the set temp with the dead band.
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