Raypak Heat Pump Remote Control


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Mar 2, 2021
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I am in the same boat but not sure anyone has found a solution here. I put this in and while in Remote Mode, it won't let me set the thresholds / limits for the spa and pool - they go to the max which are 95 and 104 (when Spa is turned on). my first electric bill nearly put me in the hospital so I need a way to control this heater in remote mode. I don't like having to go outside of my pool room into the dirt/grass/etc. to change to spa mode when I want to use that. Would love to find a good remote to wire into this heat pump.


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Sep 23, 2015
I may not be understanding your question, but here is what I do with my Raypak heater:

Note that the heater is able (via a flow sensor) to know whether you are trying to heat your pool or your spa. You should not have to go to the heater to change it to spa mode UNLESS you want to either turn the main power on or off or adjust the temperature.

I have my pool temperature set very low most of the time so it never comes on (60 or so) and my spa set to 100. The only time I fiddle with anything is if I want the pool to heat up, since I use the heater to heat the spa MUCH more than to heat the pool.


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Is your Raypak HP contented to a pool automation system?

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