Raypak 156 Propane Heater problems


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Oct 4, 2019
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Iv'e got the same error code on my Raypak 156 propane pool heater it's 3 years old. never a problem up till now. I have a full tank of propane, after I turn off the switch for a reset I get the usual click but no spark follows the click which give the heater ignition.
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Jul 21, 2013
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Have you done what @ps0303 described in the other thread?

Have you checked the gas pressure at the heater? Read RESOLVED! Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

- First make sure that you have all gas valves on the propane turned on.
- If this is the only device attached to your propane tank, make sure you ave gas in the tank. If all of that checks out, using the power button on the heater,
- if you haven't already done this, turn it off and then back on and let it go thru the ignition cycle a few more times.
- You can also open the unit and look at the pilot to see if it is lighting the pilot.
- You could be experiencing spider webs on the pilot since it has been off for a while. Check that out as well.
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