Raypac 266a leaking from the headers


New member
Jun 18, 2019
Austin, Tx
I recently purchased a house that has a 10,000 gal pool with a Raypac 266a heater mfg in 2011. It appears like it may be leaking from the headers of the heat exchanger. I'm wondering if it is typical for these heaters to leak from the headers and if replacing the O-rings is likely to fix the problem. I've read that leaks are also caused by corrosion of the exchanger as well, but the leak is pretty minor - just a drip every few seconds. The water is dripping down into the burner as you can see and feel steam coming up from the burner. There is definitely some condensation forming from the steam which makes finding the leak more difficult.

I've linked to a google photos album of pics of the headers and the heater. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to fix the heater but if it is the heat exchanger is is better to just replace it?